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This is a unique cap with two little "horns" on the sides to secure the bead and the cap. How to use it? O.K., here is how. You need a bead with side drilled holes, a cap, and a little piece of wire. Wrap the piece of wire on one of the "horns". Pull the wire towards the other "horn". Now, put your bead on the wire. The skinny, leggy things with CZs on the cap are malleable since it is made of sterling silver. If you need to, you can adjust the shape of the cap to fit to your bead. Pull the wire gently, but reasonably tight, and wrap it around the second "Horn". If you ever worried about your bead might slip away, this cap might be a good choice for you. We have two sizes. / Rhodium plated over sterling silver / This is larger size. Size:mm / Sold by the pkg. of 2. *We regret that we may have to change prices without notice if raw material costs, overseas shipping charges, or currency exchange rates rise substantially.*

  • Model: CA26L/RH
  • Quantity Available: 5

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